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Services & Rates

Kanata Dog Walking offers services Monday to Friday in the Greater Kanata Area (Stittsville to Bells Corners) and our regular business hours are 9:00am to 3:00pm.

During our initial meet-and-greet consultation we will discuss your needs and assess your dog’s behaviour in order to determine the right service for your dog.


Our mission with every service we offer is to help you rest assured your dog’s daily needs are being met.

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Off-Leash Pack Walks

It’s hard to overstate the amount of joy that is experienced by our dogs while they run free and play with their buddies. In many cases this kind of exercise and socialization is exactly what a well-balanced dog needs. The adventure starts when your dog is picked up from your home and transported along with 1-5 other pack members to the nearest dog-friendly park. Then your dog will spend the next hour walking, running, and playing with his/her friends in the great outdoors. Treats and water will be provided during the outing. After the walk your dog will be returned home tired, comfortable, hydrated, and happy. In order to qualify for OLPWs your dog must have recent off-leash experience at dog parks, good recall, and no history of aggression.


Private Visits

Sometimes our furry friends prefer one-on-one time with a caring human. This is a great option for dogs who have a tendency to act nervous, aggressive, or overly playful around other dogs or who simply require one-on-one attention and control. Private Visits begin and end at your home and you can decide how you want us to conduct each visit (i.e. time spent walking versus playing in the backyard, cuddling, feeding, etc.).


Puppy Visits

Do you have a little puppy who needs attention during the day but isn’t quite ready for longer walks? If so, we would be more than happy to visit your puppy and take care of any of his/her needs along with an abundance of affection and cuddling.

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*Additional fees may apply if you live more than a 10-minute drive from Kanata Town Centre.



Wherever possible, we try to make our services affordable within each family’s budget. We offer discounts if you’re booking a regular weekly schedule or have more than one dog in your home requiring our service.

If you have any questions about our pricing please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.


Bonus Offer!

All clients receive an abundance of pets, kisses, and cuddles at no extra charge (for pets only - with apologies).



“Sandy does an outstanding job! Our pupper Tracer loves his daily walks and meeting up with his buddies. I would not hesitate to recommend Kanata Dog Walking to anyone interested in a dog walking service.“

- Gord Scharf

“I work long hours and I needed someone to walk my puppy Maya. The highlight of Maya’s day is an outing with her dog walker and her dog buddies. She can’t contain her excitement when she sees Sandy at the door. Initially, Maya was very shy meeting other dogs but these outings have helped her gain confidence and enjoy her time with the other dogs. I can tell that Maya is getting enough fresh air and exercise when she comes home and has a nap. The photos on the Kanata Dog Walking website show just how much fun Maya has during her excursions. I think the best thing I did for Maya was finding Kanata Dog Walking.”

- Diane Dolan

“Kanata Dog Walking was highly recommended to my husband and I by a friend of ours and for good reason! This company goes out of their way to be accommodating and helpful. Because sometimes I work nights I am home when our dog Kooper is picked up and dropped off and he is always so happy and excited. Another great part about this company is when they post pictures after the walk. When I’m at work I can go on Facebook and see Kooper having fun in the middle of my work day. I highly recommend this fantastic company. Three words to describe Kanata Dog Walking are trustworthy, flexible, and caring!”

- Zandra Koopman

“After our previous dog walker (neighbour’s son) went off to university, we needed to find a replacement. Christine Waddington and Gord Scharf gave us the name of Kanata Dog Walking with a 2 paws up recommendation. With their recommendation and after meeting Sandy, we knew that this was the service for us. A few months later we couldn’t have been more right. Lilly Pea is a happy customer. My wife and I also look forward to the daily Facebook posts :)”

- Jerome Lambourne

“I adore this service and everyone who is involved! We started by getting Sandy to take our dog, Oscar, on walks during the day and always felt comfortable with him and that we could fully trust him. Then, our next door neighbour (in a townhouse block) complained about Oscar because he was barking too much when he was left alone. All I had to do was talk to Sandy and the problem was solved by having Oscar stay at Sandy and Katie’s house during the day. It was so nice that we did not have to worry about lonely Oscar anymore! The flexibility of Sandy and his crew has been fantastic in general! Whenever I need to have someone babysit Oscar when we go away on vacation, there is always someone who will take him and treat him as part of the family :) I would highly recommend Kanata Dog Walking to anyone with a canine family member!”

- Signy Perlmutter

“I highly recommend Sandy and Kanata Dog Walking. I recently returned to work full time and was worried about leaving my dog alone all day. I searched for local, reliable and safe play/walk options and was happy to find this service. Sandy is very reliable and trustworthy. My dog loves Sandy and looks forward to his arrival so he can run and socialize with his doggie friends out on the trails! I come home to a tired, relaxed and happy dog. Thanks Sandy!”

- Christine Waddington

“The very first minute my Berner Ruby met Sandy she knew she was going to have loads of fun. Going out on excursions with Sandy definitely kept her happy and … out of trouble when she returned home!! Sandy is the greatest dog walker and is very professional. I really appreciated the excellent client service Sandy provided at all times and especially on stormy days when he brought in my on-line shopping. Thanks Sandy for the great care you provided Ruby with during your outings. Best of luck!”

- Christina Scherf

“I was recently diagnosed with a medical condition that makes me unable to walk my dog. I looked up dog walkers in my area and found Sandy, he is super friendly and my dog connected with him right away. My dog Sammy was very nervous around strange people and some dogs. After a few weeks with Sandy she has changed, she loves her new friends and can’t wait to see Sandy, she goes crazy. Sammy is happier and very tired after her walks. Thanks so much Sandy you made a big difference in her life, best thing for her.

- Tracy M. Lynn

“If anyone out in Carleton Place area is looking for some caring, and responsible dog walkers then Kanata Dog Walking should be your first choice. I hired them in August to take care of my beautiful boys, Coors and Charlie. Having been through a very rough year my trust in people was not at it’s best. I met Sandy and knew right away that he was the guy to care for my boys on a daily basis so that I could go to work with a peaceful mind. I made the right choice as my boys have had the best of care not only by Sandy but also by Tracy. She came everyday to play with my Charlie who was not able to go for long walks due to a serious injury and then she would walk Coors. Two weeks ago Charlie took a turn for the worse and had to be put to rest. Tracy continues to come everyday to walk and care for Coors. My neighbours are always on the watch for me and my boys and they’ve only had the best comments about how Tracy and Sandy handle the boys. Communication is very important to me and I’m always able to get in touch with either Sandy or Tracy by e-mail or text message. Coors is very happy and well exercised when I get home from work. Kanata Dog Walking is a great company to hire if you’re looking for personalized doggy day care.”

- Vicki Shea

“I was pleased to find Kanata Dog Walking’s services were available in Carleton Place as my newly empty nest meant my dogs were alone for a long time during the day. Kanata Dog Walkers give my dogs the opportunity for some fresh air, social interaction and exercise. Kanata Dog Walkers are most accommodating and friendly, and they treat my dogs like family. The daily photos on their blog are the best!!”

- Colleen Martin

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